[vlc-devel] GSoC 2011 proposal -- Mobile remote control for VLC

akash mehrotra mehrotra.akash at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 18:55:27 CET 2011

I am attempting to make a mobile remote control for VLC as my GSoC project.
the basic idea is:

"The aim is to make a mobile remote control application for VLC running on
the PC. This would be a native application.

The application will run on a mobile phone connected to the local network
over WiFi.(probably using the http interface)

In addition to the usual remote control functionalities such as play,pause,
open new file,volume control,etc. the application aims to implement 2
specific functionalities:

   - On receiving an incoming call, if a video is playing on the PC, it will
   pause, or if music is playing, the volume may reduce. (user configurable)
   - On receiving an incoming text message, the video playing on screen is
   paused and the text is displayed onscreen. After a predetermined period of
   time, the video starts playing again.

Target Platforms: Android(primary), Symbian-QT (If time permits)

A video showing the auto pause functionality using Android emulators and the
VLC Python API is shown here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou5prh-EoBs "

I have posted this on the wiki(
http://wiki.videolan.org/SoC_2011#Mobile_Remote_Control ) as well. Please
tell if you have any suggestions to improve this idea.

Akash Mehrotra
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