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Juha Jeronen juha.jeronen at jyu.fi
Thu Mar 24 02:15:45 CET 2011

On Mar 21, 2011, at 13:47 , Piero Campanelli wrote:

> Hi
> if you dare I published an article regarding VLC architecture: http://www.enjoythearchitecture.com/vlc-architecture.html

I'm just a random small-time contributor, but since it seems no one else is replying... :)

Overall, I found the article a pretty nice and simple overview. Thanks for writing it.

If you're looking for (hopefully constructive) critique, some small things:

- I'm not sure it's completely fair to call an object model coded in C "naïve". While the language does not offer native support for object-oriented programming, it's nevertheless possible to implement such a program in a fairly simple manner (as has been done here). Most of what C++ does on top of that can - from a certain viewpoint - be understood as syntactic sugar. But perhaps I'm not the best person to speak up on this :)

(There are advantages to having the code in pure C, which in this case may outweigh the slight syntactic advantage of an object-oriented language - if I recall, at least simpler compilers and shorter compile times. Also, no name mangling for exported symbols.)

- Some sentences in the article start with C tokens (such as vlm_t). This is unconventional, and a bit hard to read. Coming from a mathematical background, I agree that the standard convention makes writing hard sometimes, but special symbols, Greek letters, numbers and the like - which cannot be capitalized - should go into the middle of the sentence, and ideally the text should be worded such that each sentence begins with a regular capitalized English word. This makes the text slightly easier to read, because it's easier to spot at a glance where each sentence begins.


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