[vlc-devel] [RFC] http post

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Mon Mar 28 12:44:43 CEST 2011

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 04:03:15AM +0200, Pierre Ynard wrote :
> > Some modules need http post for external APIs, like SD or lua
> > extensions.
> Does this include C modules?
Probably yes, see the last.fm radio patch.

> Does it involve uploading of data blobs,

> HTTP form encoding?
I don't think so.

> GET requests with no body? REST APIs? SOAP?
I guess mostly xml and json on state-less APIs

> To begin with, what's the run context? Making random remote access to
> third-party services isn't really pervasive among modules, it's made
> from a couple interface threads like the audioscrobbler module, which
> already does HTTP POST and seems fine enough?

Yes, like the audioscrobbler module, exactly. Nothing more, I think.

And if it was ok for audioscrobbler, why wasn't it ok for the last.fm

And how do we extract the audioscrobbler code to make it work for more

> Given how HTTP is a text protocol, lua seems suited enough.

I guess most extensions will be in lua then. But it might need other
modules in C.

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