[vlc-devel] [GSoC] Idea - Youtube Channels SD

Casian Andrei skeletk13 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 19:40:42 CEST 2011


I worked last GSoC on Phonon Capture API, and I would like to apply for
VideoLAN this year, same as last year.

I would like to implement service discovery for YouTube channels. I don't
like the way you have to click around and stare at lots of stuff to find the
videos you like to watch on populated Youtube channels, so I'd find it very
cool to be able to have those videos integrated in the VLC playlists / media
library / service discovery. It would be super easy to watch them all.

These days I wandered around in VLC code and it seems that this is a matter
of implementing LUA scripts to specially handle the channels and a bit of
code in the interface(s). Although I don't have experience with LUA, it
seems even easier than Python, so this won't be a problem. I find the
playlists in VLC well designed so everything should be alright on this
matter. The hard part would be complications on implementing "advanced"
features and maintaining the code if the website decides to change things

Do you think this is an appropriate idea? Should I come up with something
else? Is this doomed from the start?

Best regards,
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