[vlc-devel] Need configure-script help! How do I disable modules when building libvlc???

Max Göttner - d.stream max.goettner at dstream.de
Tue May 10 16:28:42 CEST 2011

Hi @all,


I build src version 1.1.0rc3 following the tutorial with msys / mingw.

I would like to produce a minimal built, with drastically reduced
components. For that reason I use the following configure options that I
write into configure-common.sh:


--with-contrib  --disable-dshow --disable-upnp --disable-cyberlink
--disable-vlm --disable-dc1394 --disable-dvdread --disable-dvdnav
--disable-smb --disable-ogg  --disable-mux_ogg  --disable-oss
--disable-pulse  --disable-portaudio --disable-alsa  --disable-waveout
--disable-skins2  --disable-visual  --disable-goom  --disable-projectm
--disable-atmo --disable-bonjour --disable-udev --disable-mtp
--disable-mozilla --disable-vlc --disable-libtar --disable-a52
--disable-update-check --disable-lua --disable-faad --disable-flac
--disable-theora --disable-twolame --disable-quicktime --disable-real
--enable-avcodec  --enable-merge-ffmpeg --disable-dca --disable-mpc
--enable-libass --disable-x264 --disable-schroedinger --enable-realrtsp
--enable-live555 --disable-shout --disable-caca --disable-portaudio
--disable-sdl --disable-sdl-image --disable-aa --disable-qt4
--disable-libcddb --disable-zvbi --disable-telx --disable-sqlite
--disable-dvb --disable-dirac --disable-directx --disable-vorbis
--disable-freetype --disable-glx --disable-png --disable-speex
--disable-wingdi --disable-mod --enable-peflags --disable-bda
--disable-fluidsynth --disable-mad --disable-libgcrypt --disable-remoteosd
--disable-kate \


Configure and Make run thru without problems, but as result I have a lot of
the modules built, that I want to be disabled for example
‘liba52_plugin.dll’ or ‘libqt4_plugin.dll’. 


Furthermore there seem to be a lot of modules, that are not documented
clearly like ‘fluidsynth’ or several audio-plugins like equalizer and so on.
Is there any special approach that I need to follow in order to prevent a
building of modules, like deleting flag definitions in the config file? What
am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance..



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