[vlc-devel] Idea: VLC player daemon

Andre-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Sat May 21 19:17:20 CEST 2011


I have been looking at MPD with interest. I have also been looking at AirFlick. At the same time I have read often enough that we want to avoid adding server style services to VLC (correct me if I misunderstood). With this I was wondering whether using LibVLC and a simple video display interface could provide a sort of general media playback server. 

Calling the solution VPD for now (VLC Player Daemon), the idea is that it would provide a video window (fullscreen or otherwise), that would receive control from external services, such as a smartphone or a local HTPC user interface. The UI, if any, would be fairly generic, designed more for use on a TV and without any OS specific elements. It would incorporate support for the MPD protocol and possibly AirPlay, amongst other control layers. 

I know in the past it has been mentioned that Lunettes will use Webkit elements for rendering some of the video overlay, though I am thinking of something a little more cross-platform. 

That is the general idea anyhow.


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