[vlc-devel] dvb: one demux per tuner or one demux per demod?

Ralph Metzler rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Tue May 24 17:53:19 CEST 2011

Antti Palosaari writes:
 > > This is one of the big things that S2API fixes (through S2API you can
 > > specify the modulation that you want).  Do we really want to be
 > > advertising two frontends that point to the same demod, when they
 > > cannot be used in parallel?  This seems doomed to create problems with
 > > applications not knowing that they are in fact the same frontend.
 > I was in understanding it is MFE when there is multiple frontends in 
 > same adapter. In that case only one adapter can be used at time. I added 
 > lock to cxd2820r driver, which probably is in wrong place (I think it 
 > should be interface-driver or core which locks).
 > > I'm tempted to say that this patch should be scapped and we should
 > > simply say that you cannot use DVB-C on this device unless you are
 > > using S2API.  That would certainly be cleaner but it comes at the cost
 > > of DVB-C not working with tools that haven't been converted over to
 > > S2API yet.

See the discussion on this list a few weeks ago.
Having one frontend with DVB-C/T or even DVB-S/C/T (there are
such demods) is currently NOT supported with the S2API, mainly because
delivery systems cannot be queried. 
Andreas Oberritter proposed a way (see his mail on May 6th) to do this
with a new DTV_DELIVERY_SYSTEMS property.



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