[vlc-devel] DVD Menu Highlighting Issue

Juha Jeronen juha.jeronen at jyu.fi
Thu May 26 12:00:42 CEST 2011


> Hi
> I am working on controlling remotely VLC instance.
> It works fine but sometimes the menu is not highlighted and in this case
> I can not navigate remotely on the DVD menu.
> The only way for this issue is to connect a mouse to the PC and move the
> cursor over the menu till the highlight appears.
> Then we can remotely navigate on the menu.
> I don't know how to remotely force the menu to be highlighted.

I've seen this behaviour, too, when watching DVDs on VLC. Sometimes the
highlight won't appear until you move the mouse onto one of the items in
the DVD menu.

The items are correctly selected, though - if you press enter, it will
activate the selected item, and arrows navigate as usual. It's just a bit
problematic not being able to see what is currently selected :)

It's a bug somewhere in the DVD menu handling. I think it's safe to say
that no one has taken a look at it.

As the issue affects me, too, I might try to figure it out later, but my
RealLife (TM) is fairly busy at the moment, so I can't promise anything.


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