[vlc-devel] compiling ActiveX

Shane Phelan streamey at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 13:40:14 CET 2011

> No, I use Debian almost exclusively for VLC/ActiveX. However, I haven't
> modified the .idl since quite some time...
> I've been using Debian to make VLC, but your saying that even when you
have changed the .idl file in the past you used Debian?  I've tried using
wine to do this, but the latest versions of wine are missing the ocidl.idl
file that some of the older versions of wine do have.  I tried install an
older version of wine the one mentioned in the README and it's failing
because some missing fonts or something.  I've managed to find a roadblock
at every turn.  So, any old notes you can resurrect on how to make this
work are greatly appreciated.

Also, just so you know what I would like to attempt is to add some of the
statistics found in Tools->Media Information->Statistics to the javascript
interface for both the activeX and mozilla plugin.  Hopefully this is

Thanks again.

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