[vlc-devel] Corrupt playback of MPEG2 .ts with LibVLC 1.2.0-git (575dd0f)

Jérôme FORISSIER jerome at taodyne.com
Fri Nov 4 12:05:47 CET 2011


First, let me introduce myself briefly as I'm a new subscriber. I work for a startup company that makes a 3D presentation software. I'm using LibVLC to render videos to OpenGL textures, so that we can do lots of nice and funny things (as you can imagine :)). Previously I was using Qt/Phonon which has a number of problems ; LibVLC really helps here. Unfortunately it's still too soon to give you pointers to demos and source code but stay tuned if you're interested (the VLC module for our app will be Open Source, of course).

Since 1.2.0-pre1 has been announced, I thought I'd chime in, because I have a MPEG2 TS file that plays fine with VLC 1.1.11, but is totally corrupt with VLC 1.2.0-git (575dd0f). And therefore I can't play it in our app, either. FYI this is on MacOSX 10.6.8.
Is it a known issue? Can I help? (I can provide the VLC logs if needed).



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