[vlc-devel] Hacking with VLC

Shane Phelan streamey at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 16:59:24 CET 2011

Hi all I hope someone has the time to help me.  Thanks in advance.

So, I'm hacking around in VLC I thought one of the interesting things I
could try would be to get some of the stats about the video I'm playing
from a stream onto the web page.  So as a proof of concept I hijacked the
libvlc_media_player_get_fps function and was going to try and return the
bitrate instead.  No point in messing with the external API until I can
actually get the data.

First I tried call libvlc_media_get_stats from media.c:

    libvlc_media_t *media = p_mi->p_md;
    libvlc_media_stats_t p_stats;
    double f_bitrate = 0.0;

    if( libvlc_media_get_stats(media,&p_stats))
    f_bitrate = p_stats.f_demux_bitrate;
    f_bitrate = 1.1;  /* so I know the call failed */

    return f_bitrate;

This always returns 0

Next I tried calling the stats_ComputeInputStats function from stats.c:

input_thread_t *p_input_thread = libvlc_get_input_thread ( p_mi );
    double f_bitrate = 0.0;
    libvlc_media_stats_t p_stats;
    if( p_input_thread )
        stats_ComputeInputStats(p_input_thread, &p_stats);
        f_bitrate = p_stats.f_demux_bitrate;
        /*if( input_Control( p_input_thread, INPUT_GET_VIDEO_FPS, &f_fps ) )
            f_fps = 0.0;*/

        vlc_object_release( p_input_thread );
    return f_bitrate;

This is returning 2.37e-37 which even for bytes/microsecond is a bit small
for a real value and it never changes.

That all being said I'm sure I'm way off base with how this all works.  I
have a feeling that my second approach is more on track, but it looks like
stats.c requires a timer to constantly do the calculations?  Am I correct
in that assumption?  Thanks for the hand holding.

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