[vlc-devel] [PATCH] npapi: Changed files to be compilable by VC.

Sergey Radionov rsatom at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 06:44:22 CET 2011

> 21.11.2011 10:42, Rafaël Carré пишет:
>> - mingw-w64 also includes npapi.h (I guess mingw32 is just broken), but
>> gcc fetches npapi.h from the correct path if we give it with -I
> In visual studio (at least in VS2008 and early), paths to libs usially not defined directly in solution, but it defines in IDE. But IDE already have path to Windows SDK in the first place, so SDK's npapi.h founded first. But we can't move gecko sdk to first place in IDE, as then we can broke compilation of other projects than include npapi.h from Windows SDK.
> So we need include some header with unique name, that include npapi.h by self.

or we need include something like
#include <xulrunner-sdk\include\npapi.h>

or make some other trick, but I can't invent something more clever...

With best wishes,
Sergey Radionov

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