[vlc-devel] [PATCH] add a way to enable/disable video effects via libvlc

PaulK gci at paulk.fr
Sun Nov 27 22:37:54 CET 2011

Here is a patch to add a way to enable/disable video effects via libvlc
This is particularly relevant in the case of the photobooth exemple,
where effects are broken (I'm working ot make it all work again).
Ticket on the tracker: 

This commit introduces two new ways to enable/disable effects via libvlc
* libvlc_set_video_filters_string: permits to specify the enabled
effects as a one-line string
* libvlc_set_video_filter: permits to specify only one effect to enable
or disable and the functions does the rest to keep it coherent

Paul Kocialkowski 

* Website       : http://www.paulk.fr/
* Blog          : http://blog.paulk.fr/
* Microblogging : http://status.paulk.fr/
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