[vlc-devel] Project of generation libvlc.lib compatible with MS Visual Studio.

Sergey Radionov rsatom at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 10:22:12 CET 2011

Forget about it, it was not related to libvlc.lib... But I found 2 bugs in 2 libvlc plugins :)

28.11.2011 14:30, Sergey Radionov пишет:
> Today, I try link npvlc.dll in "Relese" VC configuration with libvlc.lib and it crashes. I try find
> reason, and have found that dll functions is actually not called, but called some wrong adress.
> But more strange thing, that in "Debug" configuration all works fine...
> If you have any Idea why it happens, I will be glad to hear it. Or if you don't know - I'll try
> found it by myself, just tell me.

With best wishes,
Sergey Radionov

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