[vlc-devel] questions about svc 3d codec

Christopher Müller christopher.mueller at itec.uni-klu.ac.at
Tue Oct 11 04:00:34 CEST 2011

Hi Experts,


Currently I have written a SVC based 3D codec and integrated into vlc. The
content is multiplexed in a mp4 and for the demuxing I use the avformat
demux. I have modified the demux a little bit to pass the sps and pps of the
enhancement layer to the codec but the vlc part is untouched. 


The decoding works fine and the pts and dts from the passed blocks look good
until I return a picture in the “Decode” function. Seems that there is a
timing problem and vlc try’s to resync. 


Is it possible to disable this resync process and simple display the frames
that come from the decoder?


If not how to properly assign the PTS? Currently I simply assign the passed
pts from the block to the picture is this wrong?


Another strange problem, if I use larger content , eg 1080p, the
decoder_newPicture function blocks after some calls and does not return.
After that the demux sends the blocks correctly but they do not get to the
codec because it stuck at this point.


Thanks in advance for your advise


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