[vlc-devel] python vlc bindings on mac osx 64 bit

Rene Dohmen rene at formatics.nl
Sat Oct 15 15:14:14 CEST 2011

Hi All,

with VLC 1.1.12 the python binding work again on Mac OSX 10.6 and
above with the stock python.
With lower versions I couldn't get playing video :

Because we want to use the VLC player in our python qt project we need
to integrate the players output in a QTwidget.
The example_qtvlc.py example from the videolan git repo fails when
starting video playback

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "example_qtvlc.py", line 156, in OpenFile
AttributeError: 'QFrame' object has no attribute 'windId'

So I did some searching and found Movie Content Editor:

They implemented some pyobjc code to initialise a NSView where the
player can render its output.
I had to do some changes in this example from 2010; but i have working
video player inside a QtWidget on Mac OS X.

The working example includes a video for easy testing:
A README file is included, with a log of what I had to change to get it working.

I don't know how to implement resizing of the video window and/or
fullscreen support.
Is it possible to change the example_qtvlc.py in the videolan git repo
with some working code for Mac OSX again, based on my working example?

Kind Regards

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