[vlc-devel] looking for a music player programmer

lynda Temal lynda.temal at taxochronos.com
Mon Oct 31 16:30:21 CET 2011


Taxochronos is looking for a programmer for a musical application (
Music player) for a one-day seminar
  to be held November 15, 2011.
TAXOCHRONOS develops a music player for  dance schools that
based on new technologies including the Semantic Web.
It organized the seminar in order to determine the framework and
programming language adapted to the music player. In this context it
seeks for a person who  already programmed a music player. If you are a 
for musical applications and you are interested, send your
references to the following contact:
lynda.temal @ taxochronos.com.

Lynda Temal
Email:Lynda.temal at taxochronos
Tél:+33 1 47 56 20 14

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