[vlc-devel] Is there a way to force a module chain to be constructed using a specific module

Walt Horat walt at genaudioinc.com
Thu Sep 1 09:10:55 CEST 2011

I have found that when playing some 5.1 audio (in particular, audio AIFF with 5.1 discrete surround channels), the mixer module "simple.c" is called. (SOURCES_simple_channel_mixer in modules/audio_filter/channel_mixer)

This is a wonderful thing. For research purposes, I have made some, aah, peculiar adaptations to the downmix algorithm, and VLC would seem such a wonderful place to do this research.

The problem, when I play a 5.1 movie file, using AC3 as the container, this downmix is no longer invoked in the processing chain. If I trace this one through a bit... I am seeing audio data read in through a52.c as - whatever - opaque data at this point. And then I am seeing a52float.c invoked with 2 in and 2 output channels. The "simple.c" downmix algorithm is not invoked. My best guess here is that the downmixing here is happening inside the a52 library. 

I could take the approach of looking for every place in VLC that a surround downmix is performed, but this seems like not such an efficient approach considering the above.

Is there a way to force VLC to behave like this: "Whenever the data has >2 discrete channels to output from, always run it through the 'simple.c' downmix module"?


Walt Horat
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