[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Merge PrintMsg and PrintColorMsg to avoid duplicated code

ludovic segarral at free.fr
Wed Sep 7 00:17:35 CEST 2011

>Le mardi 6 septembre 2011 20:35:12 R?mi Denis-Courmont, vous avez ?crit :
>> Le mardi 6 septembre 2011 20:11:35 Ludovic SEGARRA, vous avez ?crit :
>> > The functions PrintMsg and PrintColorMsg were almost the
>> > same function except some more color codes.
>> Sorry. If you had read the commit log, you'd notice the whole point if to
>> make the Print*Msg() function follow the callback prototype. This is part
>> of the unfinished reunified logging subsystem.

>commit b3c5570725ab4880c275881108f35fedf7e68019
>Author: R?mi Denis-Courmont <remi at remlab.net>
>Date:   Fri Aug 19 22:44:15 2011 +0300

>   Use same callback prototype for built-in logger as subscribers

Ok, I understand that I have to use the "message subscribers" mecanism which
calls "msg_callback_t  func".
Sorry to disturb you again with some (stupid) questions about your answer,
but I'd like to avoid a new mistake...
- Do you mean that I should integrate PrintMsg in a new object (solution 1)
or in the logger object (solution 2) ?
- If it's solution 1 : this new object could be in modules/misc/mesgstderr.c
- if it's solution 2 : - Can I try to merge TextPrint and PrintMsg ?
                           - Can I call vlc_Subscribe twice in logger.c:Open
I didn't find the answers in the commit logs (maybe not watch enough??).
I've just started to vlc-devel, so i m very sorry if my questions are
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