[vlc-devel] [PATCH] OS X AppleScript: added new features

Jan Winter jwinter at gmx.net
Mon Sep 12 22:38:30 CEST 2011


I added some new AppleScript features. You can see and test the new features with the attached AppleScript (just comment each line out for testing). Everything worked fine on my machine. Feedback or suggestions how to make my code better are appreciated.

I'm planning to implement more features to control the audio tracks and subtitles, but currently I'm too frustrated in searching for the correct methods and parameters (debugging without Xcode is a pain .. … ...) :(

Thanks for answering my questions in the last days.

Best regards

tell application "VLC-release"
	--step forward
	--step forward 1
	--step forward 2
	--step forward 3
	--step forward 4
	--step backward
	--step backward 1
	--step backward 2
	--step backward 3
	--step backward 4
	--audio volume
	--set audio volume to 1
	--current time
	--set current time to 2000
	--duration of current item
	--path of current item
	--name of current item	
end tell

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