[vlc-devel] [PATCH] OS X AppleScript: added new features

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 15 18:12:00 CEST 2011

Hi Jan,

On 13.09.2011, at 23:51, Jan Winter wrote:

> Hi Felix,
> thanks for your comments.
>> - for - (NSString*) nameOfCurrentItem, lastComponent isn't the way to go. instead, you should do something like this:
> Did you mean this:
> that function in VLCCoreInteraction can stay as it is
> - (NSString*)pathOfCurrentPlaylistItem
That's okay for me, although it might be nicer to return a NSURL instead of a NSString.

> that function should be added to VLCCoreInteraction ???
> - (NSString*)nameOfCurrentPlaylistItem
yeah, good idea!

>> Additionally, setAudioVolume will need to be re-written, since the core's volume scale was changed to be cubic with a maximum of 200 % as far as I remember. However, this change wasn't reflected in the OS X UI so far.
> Does that mean that [[VLCCoreInteraction sharedInstance] setVolume:i_parameter] stays the same, I have to adjust the function in applescript.m? Is it enough to limit the scale to 200% or do you mean with cubic a non-linear scale?
The new scale is non-linear, yes. Since the OS X interface needs an update here anyway, let's just keep this code and I'll fix it afterwards when updating the other parts.

> Do you've got a hint for me how to use one of the functions like libvlc_audio_get_track_count in libvlc_media_player.h ?
You can't use libvlc functions within the OSX module (or any VLC module). This is VLC's external interface in contrast to libvlccore. The nomenclature is a bit confusing if you aren't used to it..

You'll want to have a look at the "audio-es" variable. For details how to access its data, have a look at the respective header files or at "-(void)setupVarMenu: forMenuItem: target: var: selector:" to see it in action. Basically, you'll want to export val_list.p_list->i_count. From this variable, you can also extract the track names and of course you can use it to set the track of your choice.

Best regards,


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