[vlc-devel] [PATCH] OS X AppleScript: added new features (resubmit)

Jan Winter jwinter at gmx.net
Thu Sep 15 22:56:40 CEST 2011

Hi Felix,

thanks for your hints again. I implemented your suggestions into the same patch again, this is a resubmit.

This time without tabs :)

>>> Additionally, setAudioVolume will need to be re-written, since the core's volume scale was changed to be cubic with a maximum of 200 % as far as I remember. However, this change wasn't reflected in the OS X UI so far.
>> Does that mean that [[VLCCoreInteraction sharedInstance] setVolume:i_parameter] stays the same, I have to adjust the function in applescript.m? Is it enough to limit the scale to 200% or do you mean with cubic a non-linear scale?
> The new scale is non-linear, yes. Since the OS X interface needs an update here anyway, let's just keep this code and I'll fix it afterwards when updating the other parts.
If you tell me what to do (or show me the code lines where you changed that stuff) I could do that, but I guess that's almost the same amount of work if you do it yourself...

Best regards

P.S. Here's the applescript for testing again:

tell application "VLC-release"
	--step forward
	--step forward 1
	--step forward 2
	--step forward 3
	--step forward 4
	--step backward
	--step backward 1
	--step backward 2
	--step backward 3
	--step backward 4
	--audio volume
	--set audio volume to 1
	--current time
	--set current time to 2000
	--duration of current item
	--path of current item
	--name of current item
end tell

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