[vlc-devel] [PATCH] TS demux: get time and length

Naohiro KORIYAMA nkoriyama at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 19:47:26 CEST 2011


2011/9/20 Janne Kujanpää <jikuja at iki.fi>:
> Naohiro KORIYAMA <nkoriyama <at> gmail.com> writes:
>> I only suppose that PCRs are continuous.
> I think there should be option to use old file size based methods because this
> is actually decreasing accuracy of seeking if user have files which have
> noncontinuous PCR

Seeking time position based  or byte position based, I want this option, too.
Matroska demuxer has this option. (maybe)

> I think this is so big patch we should do full regression test with many ts
> files for vanilla git before merging it to make sure anything already isn't
> broken. Like testmpeg2.ts which is mentioned later.

I think so,too. But I don't have any know-how for this now.
I'm very very new of MPEG-TS files:-)

> Newest problem with newest patch: Seek doesn't work anymore with vdr files. When
> i try to seek it pauses playback for a while blinks new time statusbar and
> continues from old location.
> via cli:

Can't you do seeking any of your ts files with this method?

This new Seek method may fail  if  PCR are not continuous.
If this method fails, playing position does not move at all.

I have tons of TS files, recorded by DVR, but not edited (CM cut or so).
I have also TS files with PCR wrap-around.
While I play these files, I have never failed at this time.
nkoriyama at gmail.com

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