[vlc-devel] JSON-RPC

Lukasz M lukasz.m.luki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 12:57:25 CEST 2011


> Please post the patch(es) as inline patches. A compressed diff is really
> inconvenient for review.

You mean patches formated with followed command:?
git format-patch --inline -1
I can resend it, but file is over 200kb if thats ok.

> (...)
>> I started to make JSON-RPC over HTTP already, but I postponed it. It
>> will take some work and I prefer to know if you are intereseted.
>> For my own purpose I can skip HTTP at this moment.
> Separating the transport protocol from the JSON parser is probably a good
> idea. But I remain concerned that VLC gets more RPC protocols than it
> needs, each of them reinventing the wheel. We already have MPRIS over
> D-Bus, telnet/RC over TTY, AJAX over HTTP, some MacOS stuff...

It is not my decision if you want to merge my commit to repository.
If you reject this patch then its ok, I will use it for my purpose only.
Regarding your concerns I partially agree. Different RPC
implementation may be reinventing the weel, but mostly each of implementation
you mentions has different purpose and (dis)advantages. Adding a module
that must be explicit request to get loaded (in other words doesn't affect VLC
performance unless user want it) hardly may be considered as harmful.
In my opinion it can only make VLC more useful.

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