[vlc-devel] how to change interface of vlc

Kaarlo Räihä kaarlo.raiha at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 13:46:03 CEST 2012

2012/8/23 Ritu choudhary <ritu.itzme at gmail.com>

> hi all,
>  I am quite new to vlc source code. My application needs to make some
> changes to vlc interface, basically removing some controls from the menu at
> first. Kindly help how to proceed.
> Thanks in advance

First build VLC. After that step is complete, you can edit the code of the
module you want to edit, then run make again + build to see if it works.
http://git.videolan.org/?p=vlc.git;a=tree;f=modules/gui for graphical
interfaces. http://git.videolan.org/?p=vlc.git;a=tree;f=modules/control for
text based ones.

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