[vlc-devel] Add module to pre-load a URL when VLC starts

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Thu Aug 23 15:25:12 CEST 2012


Le mercredi 22 août 2012 23:55:52 Ron Crocker, vous avez écrit :
>  1. How should json be categorized (using set_category(),
>     set_subcategory(), and any other functions) to ensure that json is
>     loaded and run prior to any media being accessed?
>     input/input_general? Maybe a services_discovery as documented at
>     http://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:VLC_Modules_Loading (though
>     that doesn't seem to exist, at least according to vlc_plugin.h, but
>     on second look I see there is a modules/services_discovery directory
>     that I can learn from)? Any other options. Recall that the key
>     requirement is that it's loaded early.

Categories only define where the module is shown within the preferences, if it 
has any configuration parameter. They have no functional consequences.

>  2. What is the "VLC way" to share the values from json to other modules?

There is no generic way to share data. It depends.

>  3. I'll have to add a JSON parsing library to my VLC build. Any hints
>     on how to add that library into the build process? I don't plan to
>     write this, I'm just going to download one of the many that are
>     available and do something with it. (does VLC already have a JSON
>     library? if so, just point me to that - I haven't run across it yet,
>     but I didn't run across services_discovery until I was writing this
>     email.)

The normal GNU/autotools are used, typically but not always with pkg-config. 
There is nothing very particular in VLC. Although you might want to add build 
rules for the library in the contrib/ directory.

>  4. The URL that json loads could be one of the parameters that is
>     modifiable on the command line. I kinda get that those parameters
>     are defined using add_string(), add_integer(), .... Is there more
>     than that?

The full list is in <vlc_plugin.h>.

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