[vlc-devel] AVI and txts stream limited to 1000000 bytes

Eric Beuque eric.beuque at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 16:56:35 CET 2012


VLC have a very nice feature. It supports decoding of SRT file within the
AVI container through a txts stream.

I use this feature to generate an AVI file from an IP Camera stream, and i
add SRT data (GAB2) in the txts stream containing the frame datetime and
stream name. This allow me to avoid printing the text directly in the
picture (which is less faster, because i don't need to decode/modify/encode
the frame). It works fine but i discover there is a limitation to 1000000
bytes in the txts stream data. The problem, is that my method generate a
big amount of srt entry (one per frame), and i really need to get one entry
per frame to keep the precision.

I look at the VLC source code and i found that limitation in the

    if( i_size > 1000000 )
        goto exit;

I would like to know if someone know why there is this restriction, and if
there is any way to go over this.

Thank you very much.
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