[vlc-devel] androidsurface: setup format depending on surface format

Rui Zhang bbcallen at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 17:33:26 CET 2012


The first patch make use of YV12 surface format to speed up output.
Tested on devices below:

Nexus 7 (Tegra3,  Android 4.2, YV12 works)
Nexus S (Exynos 3110, Android 4.1.2, YV12 is notable faster than RGBX 8888)
Xiaomi2 (APQ8064, Android 4.1.1, YV12 doesn't work with MediaCodec module)
Galaxy S3 (Exynos 4412, Android 4.0,  YV12 doesn't work at all)
Tianyu W806 (Tegra2, Android 2.3, YV12 works)

RGB565 is slower on all my devices.

RGBX8888 is supposed to be default format, so androidsurface module
works as before without YV12

The second patch is on vlc-ports/android.git. It's ONLY a workaround
to demonstrate how to make YV12 works.

I do really understand what I have done in it, but it works.
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