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Pau Iranzo paugnu at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 21:25:06 CET 2012


My name is Pau Iranzo and I've been using VLC since I was kid :). I've
collaborated with the Catalan translation and found the process kind of
difficult (how to start it, contact managers, update files, etc.).

I would like to propose you using Launchpad for VLC translations. At this
moment, there isn't an easy way of working with them (neither retrieving
them) and I think that using Launchpad will help users and maintainers
working with translations.

I'm in contact with David Planella (in CC, he was one of the main managers
for Launchpad translations), and he can help us in the process.

I think that using Launchpad would help translators and developers in many
different ways:

· Users will be able to translate directly from the web browser (or
download/upload the po files)
· Launchpad also helps translators providing suggestions for strings based
on other projects in Launchpad
· Launchpad is also a more collaborative interface where users can suggest
translations and the main responsible can accept/reject/modify them
· Developers will only need to update the pot file in git (automatically
imported to launchpad) and then import the translated files from Launchpad

Basically, using Launchpad for translations will imply:

1. Creating an import branch in Launchpad. This will create a bzr branch
(read-only) in Launchpad, copy of the original git branch. Once configured,
file importation is automatic.

2. It is necessary to have a pot file in the project. I see this:

3. Configuring an export branch in Launchpad. The export process has to be
manual and it would require merging the bzr branch with the git branch
(only po files affected, so I don't think it would be a problem).

If you like the idea, both I and David Planella will be happy to help,
assist and do whatever is necessary.


Pau Iranzo
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