[vlc-devel] [PATCH] dash: Added Buffer and Downloader

Frederic YHUEL fyhuel at viotech.net
Wed Feb 1 11:36:30 CET 2012

2012/1/30 Christopher Müller <christopher.mueller at itec.uni-klu.ac.at>:
> Hi,
> These patches will add a block based buffer and a download thread to dash. I
> haven’t encountered any errors until my “short” tests today but I have left
> the debug couts in the code.  I will now be on vacation (have to learn for
> an exam :D) until Friday so if you encounter any bugs just report them I
> will fix them on Friday or on the weekend.


Unfortunately, I could not apply them. I guess I need to apply
previous patches, but the error message is suspicious:

fred at yhuelf-OptiPlex-790:~/vlc/chris_patches$ git am -3 *
Applying: dash: added blockbuffer
Applying: dash: added downloader
Applying: dash: added bitrate to chunk
fatal: sha1 information is lacking or useless
Repository lacks necessary blobs to fall back on 3-way merge.
Cannot fall back to three-way merge.
Patch failed at 0003 dash: added bitrate to chunk

Is there a git ninja around here?

Good luck for your exam!


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