[vlc-devel] Compiling the new contribs

Juha Jeronen juha.jeronen at jyu.fi
Thu Feb 9 01:39:54 CET 2012

Hi all,

I'm currently finishing my Finnish translation update for VLC 2.0. So I
grabbed the new version for testing the translation, and thought I'd get
back to doing some development after I'm done. In particular, I have an
idea for a dynamic range compression algorithm for audio, which might or
might not work (so I'll be trying it out).

At this point I have a practical question - what is the correct way to
compile the new contribs? I'd like to update the wiki about this, since
it's not yet documented.

I've already compiled a working VLC 2.1-git successfully, but I suspect
the contrib binaries are perhaps not supposed to go right into the
source tree so I must be doing something wrong :P

What I did was

cd contrib/src
make ffmpeg x264

...and then bootstrap, configure and compile VLC.

Can anyone help on what I should have done differently in the contrib
update phase, in order to do it correctly? :)


P.S. Anime DVD playback still works after the update to Rincewind. Good! :P

P.P.S. Additional packages needed on Debian squeeze, on top of the
previous ones: libgnomevfs2-dev and libspeexdsp-dev. Furthermore, the
yasm (for compiling ffmpeg) in the squeeze repo is too old (newer
Debians... Debii... De... what's the plural? are fine), but it was an
easy compile (and checkinstall) to upgrade to the latest one.

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