[vlc-devel] Disc Autodetect

Sidney Doria ssdoria at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 01:04:55 CET 2012


last night I was talking about a VLC' issue and j-b told me something
interesting. The problem was that VLC' default disc type is DVD and
because of this it fails when plays any other disc type from context
menu. J-B told me to fix it instead of open a ticket. Great! Despite
my C++ rusty skills, I was thinking about the problem. I don't know
the code and I'm currently in my PhD, but what about to use something
like a try-catch to test the disc type from most complex discs to less
complex ones (Bly-ray -> DVD -> audio CD) and this would be a kind of
disc autodetect? I want to know if this could be reasonable (and know
lots of code to try a patch) or simply stupid.

Sidney Doria

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