[vlc-devel] WG: [PATCH 06/13] dash: added downloader and bitrate to chunk

Frederic YHUEL fyhuel at viotech.net
Thu Feb 16 17:48:18 CET 2012

>>> I don't understand why you are creating a first block, use it to
>>> read,
>>> and then copy its content to another block?!
>>> Why don't you just create a block, use it to read, and append it to
>>> the block chain ?
>> When we allocate the block before the read call we would have to resize
>> the block if the return of read is less than our blocksize.

But this is a rare case, right? A block resizing from time to time
should cost less than a memcpy every time, I guess.

Or maybe you should put the read in a loop, like in HLS?

Best Regards,


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