[vlc-devel] File logger misses a lot of initialization messages...

Peter Tap ptrtap at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 21 10:16:23 CET 2012


I am starting vlc with the following command line parameters:

vlc --file-logging --logfile=vlc.log --verbose=2

The problem is that by the time the logger module starts, plenty of initialization messages have already been missed. For example, the first message that should be logged must be something like:

   [0x8a05a70] main libvlc debug: VLC media player - 1.2.0-git Twoflower

However, by the time the logger module starts, many such messages are already missed.

Is this a bug or something that I could easily fix by way of command line or config parameter?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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