[vlc-devel] qdbus problem vlc 2

Nowardev-Team nowardev at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 13:43:45 CET 2012

hi i am the developer of this service menu


vlc append

it just append files \folders to vlc

it was using dbus to append

qdbus org.mpris.vlc /TrackList org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer.AddTrack “PATH

now it is changed and i have tried with

qdbus org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.vlc /org/mpris/MediaPlayer2
org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.TrackList.AddTrack /home/peace/dolphin.webm 1

i get this

QDBusObjectPath: invalid path "1"
Cannot pass argument '1' because it is not a valid object path.

it was just working fine with the older vlc  this is unfortunate :(
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