[vlc-devel] Controling playback function

Gilles GALLEE g_gallee at yahoo.fr
Mon Jan 2 19:24:28 CET 2012


May be my question is stupid but as a beginner I don't know if it's 
possible or not.

I will shoot a film from a car (the front view).
I have to record the car position and car speed linked to the video 
Then, I would like to replay the video according to a new speed (like a 
It means that I would like to easily control the video speed with the 
VLC viewer.
Could it be possible ?

In addition, I ask question to myself : do I need to shoot the film with 
a Phantom camera (HD + high fps) ? or simply using a fullhd video cam ?

Thank you for your answers!
And whish you an happy new year !



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