[vlc-devel] The case for 2.0

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sat Jan 7 14:12:19 CET 2012

> I strongly believe that we should rename VLC 1.2, aka Twoflower, as 2.0.
> Then, VLC 1.2 is way beyond and different from 1.1... We have closed
> more than 10% of the bugs on the bugtracker during this long period.
> So many things have changed, that a stronger rupture should be done,

Major versions are about features rather than bugfixes.

What would be Rincewind's version number then? 3.0? With just 4 months
dedicated to its development before the feature freeze, are you trying
to jump on the bandwagon of the lame fast-increasing numbering scheme of
internet browsers?

> Then, the change to LGPL of libVLC is quite important.

I don't think that we have measured the impact yet, so that statement
seems self-warranted.


Pierre Ynard
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