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Shelley Horwitz shelley at sjcomm.com
Mon Jan 9 14:30:32 CET 2012

NO, "people" DID NOT answer!!! 

There was one answer that said you cannot integrate the bookmarks information with the file because you cannot create metadata for some formats. ONE ANSWER to 1/2 a request!!!

1. The button in the controls area is certainly possible.
2. Creating a separate file with the same name and a different extension is certainly possible.
3. If yu build a bookmark file/record, you can certainly add a field for the name of the bookmark.

The question I am asking is how many people think this would be a good set of improvements, and how important is this set compared to other improvements.

I have no idea of Remi's position in this organization, so I don't know if he speaks for the "core team," but I think these requests are valid and would represent a very visible improvement to the VLC Player facility.

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People answered already. Don't use digest mode if you cannot deal with it.

R?mi Denis-Courmont

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