[vlc-devel] can vlc-1.2.0 add feature of cutting video

zhu shi song zhushisongzhu at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 13 18:01:28 CET 2012

> > Cutting should work without transcoding, just leave transcode part out
>> and
>> have muxer and output file selected. Naturally it won't be frame accurate.
>> I use one MP4(H.264+AAC) video(total length is 36s) to test it using vlc

>> 1.2.0-pre4.
>> Choose 'convert/save',then choose 'show more options' adding
>> ':start-time=5.0 :stop-time=15.0'. In
>>'Profile edit' keep video track and audio track, VLC got the destination
> >video file quickly,obviously it didn't transcode.  But the destination
> >video is corrupted.  When playing the output,  it had some masaic and a
> >little been frozen. Additionally, the length of output video is 30s and not
> >correct, it should be 10s.
> >It seems that VLC don't work for cutting  mp4 video without transcoding.

>Does the red recording button output working file?
Yes, recording works correctly.  But recording need re-encoding.  I hope to cut mp4 video without re-encoding  because the source and the destination video has the same muxer(mp4) and codecs(H.264+AAC).  I don't need transcoding, I just want to cut one part of the video shortly.
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