[vlc-devel] [PATCH] opensles: protect buffer array with a spinlock

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Sat Jan 21 18:57:39 CET 2012

Le 2012-01-21 12:34, Dominique Martinet a écrit :
> Hi,
> Appending the buffer to the array before playing is nice and a good
> idea, _except_ when the array is full.
> Because when it's full, you write the new buffer that would be cleaned
> when the old one is done playing, i.e. i_toappend_buffer ==
> i_toclean_buffer.
> I was never doing this check, because if the case came up then we'd get
> a BUFFER_INSUFFICIENT error and just try again without writing to the
> buffer array, but now it explains your error:
> the buffer's full (opensles' internal queue is of fixed size BUFF_QUEUE):
>> W/libOpenSLES(13045): Leaving BufferQueue::Enqueue
>> E/vlc     (13045): buffer insufficient
> the current buffer is done being played, PlayCallback is called and clears
> p_buffer_array[p_sys->i_toclean_buffer] ==
> p_buffer_array[p_sys->i_toappend_buffer] == p_buffer, you try to enqueue
> again with a buffer that's just been cleared... Which isn't good.
>> W/libOpenSLES(13045): Leaving BufferQueue::Enqueue
>> W/vlc     (13045): Error 2, dropping buffer
> A possible fix would be to make opensles' queue one element shorter than
> our p_buffer_array, so it would still work just as it did up till now.
> (A better fix would be to replace the whole thing by a FIFO queue)

Thanks for the explanation

> By the way, I just noticed that there was a number of tries added for
> when we get a buffer_insufficient error, I don't know if we really want
> that one - did you have many "buffer insufficient" errors in your logs?
> By that I mean before your patch :-)
> (it should be ok anyway since there is no break, it should print an
> "error 7 dropping buffer" message and free it.. actually we probably
> want it if playback is too slow for cpu reasons)

Not sure what this error recovery does here, I added the number of tries
to make sure it doesn't loop forever.

> If you have too much, I see two possible reasons:
>  - the buffers are too small given the playrate and it really needs a
>  bigger queue size
> and/or
>  - the buffers aren't played as fast as we would like to queue them,
>  i.e. there's a problem with the playrate/some parameters
> I think I'll give all this another try soonish (i.e. tonight or
> tomorrow) and see if I can reproduce your problems on my phone, it was
> playing alright a few months ago..
> Regards,

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