[vlc-devel] improve libgnutls_plugin

echo083 echo083 at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 26 14:00:04 CET 2012


I'd like to request a tiny evolution in the libgnutls_plugin

To allow vlc to accept ssl request (as with https) from cacert whose version is 1 I had to add the following code line after gnutls_certificate_allocate_credentials in the file modules/misc/gnutls.c :

gnutls_certificate_set_verify_flags( p_sys->x509_cred, GNUTLS_VERIFY_ALLOW_X509_V1_CA_CRT );

My modification could be added to the official release ? For the moment I recompile libgnutls_plugin for each new version.

Sorry but I don't want to create an account, retrieve the source, open a ticket ... I feel lazy recently

Thanks !
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