[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/3] macosx: reenable audio items on osd

David Fuhrmann david.fuhrmann at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 30 18:42:32 CET 2012

Am 21.01.2012 um 08:16 schrieb David Fuhrmann:

> Hello,
> I have reconsidered the situation and currently I am not really convinced that this feature should be implemented into the core.
> The problem is: Only the GUI knows, if e.g. the action "mute" is triggered in response of a mouse click on a mute button, after changing something at the volume sliders, or using the appropriate hot key. Only in the last case the osd stuff should be displayed. So it seems to me that it is not too bad when we implement that into the GUI.
> (An alternative can be to indicate aout_VolumeUp and aout_VolumeDown as functions only for the hot keys and create a new function or a bool argument to handle the mute case. But that seems not really elegant, too.)
> Currently, the changed functions are only called from the main menu (which also handle the shortcuts). mute is also called when clicking the mute button at the control bar, where a different icon for the mute state is needed when you do not show the osd, IMHO.


I want to send a friendly ping for that issue, and I would be glad to read your opinions.

I don't think that its a good idea to duplicate the code already implemented in hotkeys.c and enforce this osd stuff for everyone who uses the aout_volume* functions.

> I can look if the changes can be put elsewhere [in gui code] to really handle only the hot keys.

Jean-Baptiste, would this be acceptable for you?

Best regards,

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