[vlc-devel] The quantization parameter QP in x264.c

Moad Toutou moadtoufik at yahoo.fr
Tue Jul 24 16:53:51 CEST 2012

I just installed the codec vlc compilation mode. I documented the process of video compression and I found that video compression goes through several stages. The step of quantization step is the most impotent because this is when we decide the rate of compression. The quantization step manipulates a parameter called: The quantization parameter. I want to extract and learn which part of the code is implemented ?
For a given video, I would like to display (fprintf("Qp=%d",qp)) the corresponding value of qp.
I looked at the file x264.c, I do not see where is calculated the  quantization paramaitre QP

I would be grateful to give me ideas on this problem.

Thank you in advance.

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