[vlc-devel] [PATCH] HLS: minor fix

Chris Smowton cs448 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jun 25 19:07:59 CEST 2012

> However, playback is still accessed way too much in an non thread-safe 
> manner. But that's a start!
I tried rewriting it to be less broken when adding some HLS features I 
needed, but it was a huge pain because the locking is so fine-grained! 
I'd suggest it might be a good idea to move the big long-running 
operations outside all locks (e.g. instead of fetching segments under 
the segment lock as it does now, fetch outside the lock and just set the 
download pointer under the lock) and switch to one big lock for the HLS 
driver -- after all, there's not much inter-thread communication; all 
that can actually happen is the playlist thread makes the playlist 
longer, the download thread fetches a segment (download++) and the 
playback thread plays one (playback++) or seeks (download = something).


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