[vlc-devel] Video length in http interface (version 2.0)?

Arslan, Ali ali_arslan at brown.edu
Thu Mar 1 21:53:22 CET 2012

Hi all,
I've been trying to use VLC with http interface and I came across an
(relevant to one of my earlier questions:

With the version 2.0, the XML string returned for the status query has
changed and I can now get the playback position information as a float
between 0-1, which is great.
But I still don't know what's the overall length of the video in
millisecond precision (so that I can calculate the playback position). The
length information in the XML string is only in seconds, and VLC doesn't
return the length of the video in milliseconds or number of frames, which
is the precision I need.

I could just use ffmpeg or ffprobe to learn the length externally, but I
want my solution to be robust to the path variations when gui is used to
load a video (the filename field doesn't provide the path, just the name of
the file).

Any ideas on how can I get a precise position of the playback? Again, this
is for a time critical experimental task, so I can't allow too much delay
between queries and values returned.

Ali B Arslan, M.Sc.
Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences
Brown University
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