[vlc-devel] Why is the code written like this and gsoc 2012

supratim chakraborty sup270792 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 18:56:05 CET 2012

i know this will be a bit long but please address to my issues

1.Why do i see characters like @ ++ etc in the code - while i have studied
C as a subject in my high school ,there was never a time when i used to use
those ,or does it have some meaning (please sorry if this troubles you)

2.i have only been doing things like reproducing some search and sorting
algos and know about classes and objects etc ,ie basic algo based
programming ,how is the programming for vlc different

3.I would like to know whether going through the entire source code is
possible for me or not, if thats a bit daunting what should i start with
,please just dont say -go fix some small bug coz i guess fixing any bug
would require me to know the entire source code ,right ?please correct me
if i am wrong

Most Important question

4.Will video lan be particpating in the google summer of code 2012 ,coz if
yes .I would like to take part in videolans project

thanks a ton for any help (this is my first post in the mailing list ,so
please bear with my noobness)
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