[vlc-devel] Application request to be the part of your GSoC 2012 project

Karthik Karthi karthikmora at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 10:20:17 CET 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Karthik Ariyaratnam reading my under  graduate studies in the field of
Electronic and telecommunication Engineering in University of Moratuwa.
I am much interested in doing some worthy programming in c++. So I have
downloaded the source code of the VLC and built the project. I am willing
to do something useful on VLC media player product and continuously
investigating for new modification & bug fixes. VLC player is the most
popular player and used by many users. So I glad
to work on that. I have an idea to improve the tolerance of operatablility,
like set priority level of the VLC as high, it means processor will allow
the vlc to consume resources and can enjoy a efficient operation of VLC.
Because most of the computer users (like domestic user, children, etc)
using computer for entertainment
purposes like watching movies, playing games, etc. In our home, there are 4
computers, all other 3 is used by other family members with this manner.
So, I think this would be a worthy idea for such users.
But this is not necessaey for the all users like professionals, So it can
be added as an option. Then if user wants to set the priority as high, then
he/she can set it. Anyway we can modify after getting some customer
If you are interested with my idea, I am glad to implement it for GSoC
2012. Or If you give any other improvents in VLC, I am interested to
implement it.
I am eagerly waiting to work under your instructions for this kind of
projects. It would be grateful if you reply for this mail.
Thanks in advance.

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