[vlc-devel] libvlc_video_set_format_callbacks() and "cyuv" chroma

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Mon Mar 12 19:37:12 CET 2012

Le 2012-03-12 14:21, Jean-Baptiste Kempf a écrit :
> On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 05:33:54PM -0500, Rafaël Carré wrote :
>>>      case VLC_CODEC_VYUY:
>>> +    case VLC_CODEC_CYUV:
>>>      case VLC_CODEC_J422:
>>>          p_fmt->i_bits_per_pixel = 16;
>> ok
> Art thou sure this is ok and enough?
> "Creative YUV is a constant-rate, differentially coded, packed YUV
> compression method. The codec essentially codes each Y, U, and V sample
> as 4 bits with some overhead at the start of each line."


"This FOURCC, allegedly registered by Creative Labs, is essentially a
duplicate of UYVY. The only difference is that the image is flipped

So I only looked where UYVY appeared in those files.

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