[vlc-devel] [PATCH] HttpLive stream_filter: alternative version of ChooseSegment function

Łukasz Korbel korbel85 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 21:45:36 CET 2012

W dniu 12 marca 2012 20:05 użytkownik Rémi Denis-Courmont
<remi at remlab.net> napisał:
> Le lundi 12 mars 2012 20:56:58 Łukasz Korbel, vous avez écrit :
>> >> > I made modification as we talked:
>> >> Sorry, but why not taking the existing core start-time option?
>> >
>> > It won't play nice when the input core tries to seek to start-time too.
>> I'm not VLC expert, so maybe you can give me some hint.
>> In current version setting start-time doesn't cause stream seeking at all.
> Upon non-zero start-time, the input core will ask the demuxer to (time-)seek.
> Either the TS demuxer is unable to seek HLS streams, or HLS streams are not
> (byte-)seekable. But they probably should be to some extent. Whenever this
> limitation is addressed, your patch will introduce a silent regression.
> I am not necessarily against reusing start-time. It has a clear usability
> benefit. But then something needs to ensure that there won't be an undetected
> bug later. I don't see any guard in the current patch.

Function ChooseSegment  is called only once to choose first segment to play.
There is other function, segment_Seek, which is responsible for
seeking in stream.
After thinking it through i guess that it should always be chosen
first segment from playlist (we don't need ChooseSegment function at
all). And if someone for whatever reason need to start closer to
playlist end, then this can be done with start-time option (which
currently doesn't work exactly, but its more like some isse with
segment_Seek function or something like that). What do you think about

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