[vlc-devel] Detect defective frames ( or slices) and extract from them informations

Oussama Stiti oussama.stiti at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 12:32:32 CET 2012


I'm a beginner with VLC developement, and it would be very helpful if
someone could provide me with informations.
I want to detect the distorded frames ( corrupted or loss) and, i want to
edit a log file, wich exctract such informations, like slice #, frame ID,
related frames, type of frame.
I'm running on ubuntu, and i'm broadcasting a video in the loopback IP,
using a VLC player client, and a VLC player server. I have tried to modify
h264.c under the directory vlc/module/packetizer, but no results.
Please, i need some help.
Thank you.

O. Stiti
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